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(2021-11-16) Biden Signs $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill into law

President Biden signed into law a roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill meant to repair the nation’s aging roads and bridges, upgrade the electrical grid and expand access to broadband internet.
 The legislation, the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than a decade, is a central component of Mr. Biden’s domestic-policy agenda and marks a rare bipartisan policy win for the White House.


(2021-11-16) Americans ramp up spending


(2021-11-04) OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard


How does OSHA plan to enforce this? The experts think the enforcement will take shape in the form of a recordkeeping check.  Companies will need to verify their workers are vaccinated and keep an eye on positive or negative test results while ensuring all unvaccinated workers are masking up in the workplace.  OSHA has the authority to issue fines, but these can be reduced if companies can demonstrate they are making an effort to comply and work toward correcting the isses.